Sunday, 9 September 2012

A few ideas to spice up your weekend with some English!

Now we're back to business and we need to find easy tricks to improve your English DAILY!

Learning your English lesson won't take hours! So why don't you spare a few minutes on a regular basis to learn some new vocab and "train" your ears and brain to understand English better?

You and I, unfortunately, we don't live in an English-speaking country. :( So, unless you make the move, you won't hear that much English around you! 

This is how I make sure I get a decent amount of English everyday:

I go online and I listen to the News in English   Click here or here  (it's an easy way to pick up some new vocab)

I have an ultimate rule when dealing with videos: Only watch films in their original version. You can make it easier adding the subtitles... in English of course! Trust me, your brain will feel like mashed potatoes at the beginning but things will get smoother fast enough for you to think "Gee! I've never realized I was that good at English!"

So, every day or every other day you could watch an episode of your favourite series (if it's on the cable, on the remote control, look for "other languages" and subtitles. I'm sure you can figure this out).

(I'll try to post on famous American or British series soon)

I read a few pages of English every day. It doesn't matter where it comes from (a novel, a newspaper, a blog entry - oh well, actually, that's what you are doing right now;) as long as your brain gets his daily amount. I have to admit I spend HOURS every week reading blogs and admiring other people's photographs on Flickr (most of them write their captions in English!)

I've heard (but haven't checked yet) that the library at school has a few worth-reading English books available. So why don't you walk through the library's magic doors and borrow a book? Come on, you can do it! Think about all the different places in which you could read it and stop being bored (in the toilet/ in your bath/ waiting for the bus etc.)

Well, that would be nice if you shared your ideas on how to get a decent amount of English every day. You might want to tell us how you do it! 

As for now, bye bye! And don't forget:

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