Monday, 10 September 2012


In one of this morning's lessons, a lovely student said her favourite actor was Edward Norton (I hope I got it right though...) And I said "oh yes! He was Hulk in The Incredible Hulk Part 2." But nobody really agreed with me so... Unless I got it wrong, here is the trailer of that film and Ed is in it:

Gee! This is scary.

Here is today's one-million-dollar question: In which notion of our curriculum would you put this film?
_The Notion of Progress
_Spaces and Exchanges
_Places and Forms of Power
_Myths and Heroes

The first student to get it right (leave a comment) will get some candies (I'm afraid I don't have that many dollars...)

Have a lovely evening and see you soon!


  1. In Myths and Hereos !!
    I'm Antoine of the T ES 1 !
    Yes !! I have a candie ! :)

  2. Antoine,

    You were Brave enough to answer my riddle so, indeed you will get some candies!

    Well done ;)