Tuesday, 18 September 2012

India on the Move

This is a post dedicated to my Terminales!

We found it hard to figure out what had triggered the Indian Mutiny of 1857, also called the Sepoy Mutiny (a sepoy was an Indian - either Muslim or Hindu - soldier working for the British Empire at the time). 

So I searched the web and found this kind of childish animation that will definitely help you to understand! If you need, you can get the subtitles at the bottom of the youtube screen. 

This milestone (or important episode - thanks Benjamin for this perfect definition!) reminds us that India is defined by its strong attachment to customs and religious principles (either Muslim or Hindu).

But one shall never forget that India is also a surprising place, built on contrasts or paradoxes. This might be what makes it so special... 

To continue...

Anyway, thanks for your reports on the documents. Keep in mind that you NEED to speak in front of the class regurlarly to get used to it!

Here are a few pieces of advice:

Take your time when you speak.

Pleeeeeaaaaase, DO NOT read!

Look at your audience.

Use simple words and pronounce them correctly.

Speak UP.

Rephrase if you think that your audience did not get your point or an idea.


Have a lovely evening!  

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