Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Modern Family (2e)

Here are documents which might help you to revise family relationships

It may look easy at first sight but keep in mind that you must use genitives for example, even double genitives

example: Jay is Phil & Claire's children's grandfather!

Don't forget that Phil & Clair represent a couple & they both have the same children so "Phil & Claire's", NOT "Phil's & Claire's" (it would mean they have different children)

Monday, 26 November 2012

Let's not be too serious!

Two grey seals appear to be sharing a joke on the beach in Heligoland, Germany.
Two grey seals appear to be sharing a joke on the beach in Heligoland, Germany. Photograph: Thorsten Milse/Robert Harding/Barcroft Media
But I wonder... what joke?

DUB what??

Gee, what would I do without my students? Well, for sure, I wouldn't (now) know what Dubstep is!

So, thank you Vincent (2e) for teaching me a new thing today! I feel more cultured!

Here is an interesting piece of Dubstep:

Now, the educational interesting bit:

Wikipedia defines Dubstep as:

"A genre of electronic dance music that originated in south London, England. Its overall sound has been described as "tightly coiled productions with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, clipped samples, and occasional vocals"."

Country of Origin: England
Date of Origin: Late 1990's
Dj Hatcha
(To Name a few.)

Dubstep started off as an underground genre, a fusion of Dub and 2-Step Music, And has slowly gained porularity throughout the 2000's with increasing popularity fom 2005.
With artists such as Britanny Spears using dubstep on their albums, and modern dubstep artists, such as Skrillex, Nero and Boregore bringing the music to the masses."

And you know what? I kinda like it! ;)

William Wilberforce (1e)

Dear Students,

It would be a good idea to watch the extract from Amazing Grace again to complete the homework I gave you.

You want to concentrate on the 2nd part & precisely on the contrast mentionned there (great men, Napoleon, William Wilberforce etc.)

Keep in mind the topic & the issue raised in Unit 2 (Amazing People - What is a hero for you?)

What about William Wilberforce? Check this easy & clear article from BBC History.

Have a nice rainy day...

Thursday, 22 November 2012

An American tradition for Thanksgiving

Every year in America, for Thanksgiving, the president pardons a pair of turkeys & doing so, spares the animals' lives.

Not sure how I feel about this, given that I'm vegetarian but I think the video is worth a look & you might have your own opinion on the topic.


I have to admit the turkey on the video looks pretty friendly & comfortable!

Can you grasp these turkeys'names?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear students,

I would like to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving but before you accept those wishes, you need to know exactly what it's all about!

It's got to do with "giving thanks", pilgrims, "The Mayflower", 1620, some Indians & lots of food but in which order??

Well, to find out, you can watch this funny & educational video:

For more precise information on the first Thanksgiving, check this.

Now the question that was raised today by one of you was "is it a religious holiday?". My first spontaneous reaction was to answer "No, it's pagan". But now I'm having second thoughts & I think it was originally recognized as a religious holiday. While I'm not such a big fan of wikipedia, this topic being kind of complicated, I think this article is worth a look:


Go straight to "Giving thanks"

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

(Tle) A true story on immigration

Dear students,

You were hard-working this morning & the lesson was really interesting.

I believe you might enjoy watching this video about the true story of a chinese immigrant to the USA.

I think it would be a GREAT  exam practise. You could take some notes & send me a recap in French (exam instructions)


Here is the link to surf on an interesting website called "We are America"

You can never be too curious!!

(1e) Meet Hancock - Hero or no hero?

Dear students,

If you would like to watch our film extract again, you can find it there:

I'm afraid I can't post the first one because it is not on youtube.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

(Tle) 1965 Immigration policy

Dear students,

You might want to read this article (& listen to it at the same time):

(2e) The way you make me feel...

... when you admit you don't know who Norah Jones & John Wayne are:


For your general knowledge, here is a music video by Norah Jones:

To have a look at her biography, click here!

As for John Wayne, here is an informative video:

Does it ring a bell?

Monday, 12 November 2012

Britain's got talent (2e)

My dear students,

Remember our next mission (entering a casting to participate in American TV show America's Got Talent)?

If you can't sing nor dance nor jungle, here is what you could do but only 3 weeks left to train your pet!


Analysing a document (1e & Tle)


You can download & print this poster here!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Time for a poll!

Today's poll's topic is:

Do you like Autumn? Why (not)?

I do & I will explain in words & with pictures:

 You can harvest veggies planted in late Summer

 Have walks in sceneries which reveal their most inner beauty

 Eat comfort food

 Linger in cosy restaurants (this also works at your friend's house with a nice film & a hot chocolate!)

 Go on little outings to get some fresh air & lift up your mood

Have  Cosy meals at home (more comfort food yeah!)

 Take time to appreciate simple things ( a friend's visit, a nice book, a good picture to take)

What about you? Any picture to illustrate?

I'm sorry but you'll have to get used to this...

... Christmas feeling has kicked in & I am DEFINITELY in a christmassy mood tonight ;)

If you'd like to join me, you can listen to Michael Bublé's  Christmas album on youtube:

It can be slightly cheesy at some point but who cares? Not me... ;)


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Victory for Obama

If you'd like to know more about American presidential election's results, click here!


President Obama addresses his supporters in Chicago after being re-elected president of the United States: 

(I will post more on the topic later but these two elements will keep you updated on the situation)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

November 5th & the Gunpowder Plot

Dear students,

I'm not extremely familiar with this topic (yet) but I think you should know about tomorrow's special day in Great Britain:

"Guy Fawkes (13 April 1570 – 31 January 1606), also known as Guido Fawkes, the name he adopted while fighting for the Spanish in the Low Countries, was a member of a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605.
Fawkes was born and educated in York. His father died when Fawkes was eight years old, after which his mother married a recusant Catholic. Fawkes later converted to Catholicism and left for the continent, where he fought in the Eighty Years' War on the side of Catholic Spain against Protestant Dutch reformers. He travelled to Spain to seek support for a Catholic rebellion in England but was unsuccessful. He later met Thomas Wintour, with whom he returned to England.
Wintour introduced Fawkes to Robert Catesby, who planned to assassinate King James I and restore a Catholic monarch to the throne. The plotters secured the lease to an undercroft beneath the House of Lords, and Fawkes was placed in charge of the gunpowder they stockpiled there. Prompted by the receipt of an anonymous letter, the authorities searched Westminster Palace during the early hours of 5 November, and found Fawkes guarding the explosives. Over the next few days, he was questioned and tortured, and eventually he broke. Immediately before his execution on 31 January, Fawkes jumped from the scaffold where he was to be hanged and broke his neck, thus avoiding the agony of the mutilation that followed.
Fawkes became synonymous with the Gunpowder Plot, the failure of which has been commemorated in England since 5 November 1605. His effigy is traditionally burned on a bonfire, commonly accompanied by a firework display."

(source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Fawkes)

"On 5 November 1605 Londoners were encouraged to celebrate the King's escape from assassination by lighting bonfires, "always provided that 'this testemonye of joy be carefull done without any danger or disorder'". An Act of Parliament designated each 5 November as a day of thanksgiving for "the joyful day of deliverance", and remained in force until 1859. Although he was only one of 13 conspirators, Fawkes is today the individual most associated with the failed Plot.
In Britain, 5 November has variously been called Guy Fawkes Night, Guy Fawkes Day, Plot Night and Bonfire Night; the latter can be traced directly back to the original celebration of 5 November 1605. Bonfires were accompanied by fireworks from the 1650s onwards, and it became the custom to burn an effigy (usually the pope) after 1673, when the heir presumptive, James, Duke of York, made his conversion to Catholicism public. Effigies of other notable figures who have become targets for the public's ire, such as Paul Kruger and Margaret Thatcher, have also found their way onto the bonfires, although most modern effigies are of Fawkes. The "guy" is normally created by children, from old clothes, newspapers, and a mask. During the 19th century, "guy" came to mean an oddly dressed person, but in American English it lost any pejorative connotation, and was used to refer to any male person."
(source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Fawkes)

This mask might ring a bell for you...

It is commonly called "Guy Fawkes mask" & is a symbol of protest. It was used in the book & film-adaptation V for Vendetta. You can find more information about it there: