Monday, 17 December 2012

Getting ready for a final task - Speaking alone!

Today, while evaluating my students entering a casting for the TV programme of their choice (2e), I realized there were future celebrities among them!

I have to say that I was rather pleased by your performances & you must carry on your efforts. Nobody's perfect but you can work hard & achieve great things.

Some of you took extra care to create imaginary, though realistic (apart from Mulud & his mad partner;), personae (= imaginary/virtual character).

Here are the best ways to make a convincing oral final task:

-Prepare some clear & detailed notes on a piece of paper (not on your copybook = too heavy).

-In these notes, you must include the unit's new vocabulary (of course everything is related!), some specific grammatical constructions &  some ideas or examples we discussed.

-Practise for your classmates or in front of your mirror before the D-day.

-Visualize the scene before it takes place. That will help you to get more relaxed.

I hope it helps a little!


  1. My complete name is Miguel Jean-Mouloud Guinness McBurn.

  2. What a mix (French, Arabic, Irish etc.)!