Friday, 21 December 2012

It's Christmas & you can taste it! #2

 This week has been a culinary rollercoaster thanks to your delicious homemade cakes & biscuits!

So, I would like to thank you for creating such a special Christmassy mood in our lessons.

Here are a few samples of your creations:

Lise M*** & her yummy cupcakes! A* 

Look at my fab Christmas present! (the first one ever!) made by Lise M*** & Manon M*** (1e). I ate all of them. A* for the cooking design!

Some caramel-flavoured meringues by Margaux L*** (2e). A real treat!

A chocolate "marbré" by Meryl C*** (2e). I had not eaten this kind of cake for a long long time! Sweet!

Some madeleines by Laura B*** (2e) & cupcakes by Assala B*** (2e). They gave them away for the teachers'lounge! It was a real treat for our sweet tooth but also for our eyes! 

Some chocolate bites from Amandine F*** (2e): traditional & tasty!

Two homemade cakes baked by Maxime D*** 's mum (thank you Mrs D***!) which melted in your mouth! Heavenly!(1e)

Charline H***'s French cannelés! (2e)

Maxime C***'s Italian recipe (tasting like nutty shortbreads) (2e)

Doriane B***'s American chocolate chip cookies! (2e)

I didn't take pictures of all your sweet treats but I'd like to thank all our cooks (parents included ;) anyway!

Have a lovely holiday & Merry Christmas!


  1. That looks delicious ! The first photo shows cupcakes, doesn't it ?
    I'd like to know what it is exactly to cook it maybe.

    By the way, I'm Martin's little brother :)

  2. Hello Rémi & welcome to the blog!

    Here is a link with different cupcake recipes on videos! Enjoy.