Saturday, 1 December 2012

Likes & dislikes

Here are a few likes & dislikes of mine...

I'm interested in learning new stuff everyday so that it gives me the impression of constantly turning into a more complete person.

I'm fond of watching some American  & British series such as Homeland, Dexter, Treme, The Walking Dead, Misfits, Game of Thrones etc.

I love going to new restaurants  & taking some pictures of the food I order.

I enjoy procrastinating on Flickr to imagine what it would be like to be somebody else...

I would love to open a bed & breakfast somewhere remote & natural when I'm too old to be a teacher.


I'm falling in love with my new car because it's warm inside & there is a cd player (definitely some kind of luxury for me!) 

I hate missing my weekly pottery workshop because of work meetings or too many tests waiting to be marked.


I'm scared of spiders crawling on the walls & unexpected noises at night while I'm trying to sleep.

I can't stand the smell of meat or a disorganized classroom.

I don't like being in a hurry.

What about you???


  1. I love Metal
    I hate rap.

    All is said ...

  2. Likes : Pulp Fiction, Perfect Strangers (old american TV show in the 80's), Robot Chicken, myself.
    Dislikes : that awful moment when I release I've no money anymore to buy crisps.

  3. I love listening to music and singing.
    I can't stand when i don't 4-6 hours of sport on a week (fitness, climb, etc.)
    I'm scared only of feet, i don't know why, but, I can't watch or touch it.
    I would like to be a fire(wo)man
    And to finish, I'm in love with my little cat : Whisky, My life is more fun when I'm with him ! :)

  4. Wahou 4 to 6 hours of sport a week? Well done!

    Whisky? Jeeee what a funny name!

    Oh, by the way, who is it?