Wednesday, 30 January 2013

You are Ginger...

... and you have finally escaped from Tweedys’ farm with your fellow-hens. Now that you are free and that you live in the wild, you have decided to write an open letter to explain the reasons for your escape.
100 words

This training task was given to the students as part of our unit All equal? & following our analysis of two extracts from Chicken Run.

Here is one of my students' work!

Dear Hens,

If I’m writing to you today, it’s to explain why we decided to escape from Tweedy’s Farm.
First of all, you can’t imagine how great it is to be free, to live in the wild: running in the grass on which there are no fence, no guard, and no violence.
To my mind, laying eggs all day long is named exploitation. We were in a concentration camp! We felt so sad and persecuted. We deserved a free life!
At first, we came up with a lot of questions about life out there, but today Tweedy’s exploitation is so far away.
Join us!

Be courageous,

:) :)

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Political involvement

First Lady Michelle Obama stood up against bullying in 2011. 

She set up a conference dealing with this issue in order to sensitize people in America & find strategies & solutions to take on bullies.

In this video, Michelle delivers a speech to greet the audience, open the conference, present the issue and the reasons for her active campaign.

Here is the complete video with Barack Obama's speech following Michelle's.

Notice their body language et linguistic strategies to make the audience pay attention & convince the people that action must be taken.

Women's march towards equality!

Dear students,

Here is the trailer we started studying as part of our unit entitled All Equal?

Watch it again (this time with the soundtrack) to complete your worksheet on detailed comprehension.

I don't know whether you will agree with me, but I think that dealing with such a serious topic in a humorous way is an effective strategy to get your message across.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

What are you up to...

... for the weekend?

Will you go to the movies? 

Will you do some baking?

Maybe some reading?

Or shopping?

Meeting with friends?

As far as I'm concerned I 'm sick :( 

So right now, I'm feeling sorry for myself...

But I will definitely go for a walk in the woods to spot some birds & get some fresh air (that cures the disease, I'm told)

I will also have to do some grocery shopping :(- 

and some school planning!

I might even try to finish reading my current book

Today's music is this!

What about you??

Friday, 25 January 2013

Lady Gaga takes on bullies!

My dear 2ndes,

If you'd like to watch the news report we studied in class as part of our unit entitled I'm an activist!

Here it is

And this might be a great listening exercise for my terminales!

Click on "watch on you tube".

poor Mr. Tweedy...

I don't know what's worse: 

- being fooled by the chickens

- being married to Mrs Tweedy...

Here might be the answer:


What do you think?

Understanding Philanthropy

As you well know, this is Andrew Carnegie, a famous American philanthropist of the 2Oth century.

We got to know him with my terminales through a biographical poem entitled Prince of Peace & written by American poet John Dos Passos.

This document is part of our unit I want a successful career in which we try to answer the following issue:

How can myths & heroes inspire people's careers?

So, we discussed philanthropy & the myth of the American Dream based on economic & social progression through hard work, determination & audacity.

Here is a fantastic video if you want to fully comprehend what philanthropy is. It will give some insight & useful vocabulary. It is also a great way to practise your listening skills.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

an American T.V series

Are you Game-of-Throne literate?

If you're interested in the series' upcoming season (3), have a look at this article on The Guardian!

If you have never heard of it before, read this:

The series, set in the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos at the end of a decade-long summer, interweaves several plot lines. The first follows the members of several noble houses in a civil war for the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms; the second covers the rising threat of the impending winter and the mythical creatures of the North; the third chronicles the attempts of the exiled last scion of the realm's deposed dynasty to reclaim the throne. Through its morally ambiguous characters, the series explores issues of social hierarchy, religion, civil war, sexuality, crime and punishment. It is the most recent big-budget work to have contributed to the popularity of the fantasy genre in mainstream media.


I tend to like ancient epic stories & I guess I am completely fulfilled with this one! Never read the books, though...

On top of it, the theme song is great:


What about you? Do you like series? Which ones? Why?  

Pronouncing unknown words

Here is a website which might be helpful when you have to pronounce a word you don't know!

Basically, it is an online talking dictionary. You type the unknown word & click on submit & then, the word is pronounced (you must turn your speakers on).

You can reach this website from the blog:

I hope it will be helpful!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

In remembrance of...

...Martin Luther King, January 21st is a day dedicated to his memory & the work he accomplished to fight against racism, inequality & promote justice among men.

A few pictures to illustrate this day of celebration

Martin Luther King, Jr., was a great man who worked for racial equality and civil rights in the United States of America. He was born on January 15, 1929, in Atlanta, Georgia. Martin had a brother, Alfred, and a sister, Christine. Both his father and grandfather were ministers. His mother was a schoolteacher who taught him how to read before he went to school. 
Young Martin was an excellent student in school; he skipped grades in both elementary school and high school . He enjoyed reading books, singing, riding a bicycle, and playing football and baseball. Martin entered Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, when he was only 15 years old. 
Martin experienced racism early in life. He decided to do to something to make the world a better and fairer place. 
After graduating from college and getting married, Dr. King became a minister and moved to Alabama
During the 1950's, Dr. King became active in the movement for civil rights and racial equality. He participated in the Montgomery, Alabama, bus boycott and many other peaceful demonstrations that protested the unfair treatment of African-Americans. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. 
Dr. King was assassinated on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee
Commemorating the life of a tremendously important leader, we celebrate Martin Luther King Day each year in January, the month in which he was born. August 28, the anniversary of Dr. King's 1963 I Have a Dream speech, is called "Dream Day." 


Can you think of anybody else who fought for respect, justice & equality among men?


Saturday, 19 January 2013

Getting ready for your listening exam

Here is this week's second document to get ready for your oral comprehension exam & to develop your listening skills.

This time, it's a video...

Getting ready for your listening exam

My dear Tles,

Here is a link to listen to One-minute World News by BBC World News.

This is a great way to practise your listening & note-taking skills.


* A piece of paper (with the circle pattern on, remember? One circle for each listening!)
* A sharpened pencil
* A quiet room
* Self-confidence
* Patience (Rome was not built in a day...)

Keep in mind that this type of document is probably harder than the one you might get for your oral comprehension exam as there is no coherence but a set of different pieces of news from around the world.

However, it's an effictive way to get used to understanding & writing down detailed information such as:

# Countries
# Data, numbers, dates, statistics etc.
# People's names
# Facts

I hope you will take some time to practise this kind of exercise before your real oral exam!


Friday, 18 January 2013

personality quiz

Which Glee character are you?

If you want to know, take this online quiz!

I admit I did it & guess Who I am...

I'm not sure I agree because I'm not obsessed with cleanliness but it's true I'm a sweet & calm person ;)

Which character are you?

I know... you're older but...

How to survive* being 13?

A  survey suggests that 13 is the most difficult age of all. A 14-year-old explains how to get through it*...

I thought you might like to read this article, especially as it is written by a teenager.

You're older but you might find similarities with what you still experience in high school...

Welcome to my life!

My dear students,

Here is the video of Welcome to my life sang by Simple Plan with the lyrics on:

Now, the passive form is no stranger any more, and if it's not entirely clear, here is an excellent video with visuals to understand the passive voice better!

N.B: at 4'12, the video mentions the insistence on the subject - remember my image of the theatre spotlight? Well, anyway, watch the video COMPLETELY!

And to complete our lesson on "negative feelings", here is an interesting webpage with a list of emotions.

You could print this list & stick it at the end of your notebook ;)

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Snow, cold, rain, dampness

Summer, where are you???

Not so far when you listen to this song ;)

If you fancy singing along: click here

(2e) Giving advice & solutions... put an end to bullying in school!

My dear 2e,

If you want to give advice or suggest solutions to somebody, here are the grammatical tools you can rely on in English:

From a more neutral piece of advice... 
If you are bullied, you could talk to the headmaster.

... to some kind of stronger solution verging on obligation...
 You mustn't withdraw into yourself!

Friday, 11 January 2013

My sin...

My dear students,

And more precisely, those interested in sports, video games, martial arts, cars & war-related documents of any kind...

I have to apologize for being who I am, that is to say "a girly female teacher" & so, you might have noticed that rarely do I post something dealing with one of the topics mentioned above.

So here is an open call to ask you some contribution to the blog, to make it more "balanced" regarding its contents.

I know you are fragile & introverted creatures ;)

So, your contribution might not be instantaneous but at least, you might want to suggest some specific topics, some links or websites, some movies to report on...

I could even hide your identity if you wanted to remain anonymous! 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Aren't they cutER...

...than William Wilberforce's house rabbit? (My 1e L/ES will understand this reference...)

I think they are but I'm biased (partial) because they're mine!

And to keep on talking about animals, here is the trailer of Chicken Run. Remember! We studied 2 extracts in class as part of our unit on "All Equal?" (1e) 

I find this claymation utterly funny but also inspiring in terms of symbolic empowerment when it comes to rights (human, animal, civil, social etc.).


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

(2e) Bullying

Today, we completed our study on Ronan's Escape & the students came up with some elements to define what bullying is. We created a mindmap & here are the results:

Group 1

Group 2

Now, you must get ready for the oral training task:

You are the president of a conference on prevention against bullying. You open the conference explaining what bullying is & its possible consequences.

A few prompts to prepare your notes:

Welcome to...

I declare this conference open...

I'm going to deal with...



To conclude...

And now, two informative videos to go further on what cyber-bullying is:


I think, now, you have everything you need to be fully ready!