Friday, 11 January 2013

My sin...

My dear students,

And more precisely, those interested in sports, video games, martial arts, cars & war-related documents of any kind...

I have to apologize for being who I am, that is to say "a girly female teacher" & so, you might have noticed that rarely do I post something dealing with one of the topics mentioned above.

So here is an open call to ask you some contribution to the blog, to make it more "balanced" regarding its contents.

I know you are fragile & introverted creatures ;)

So, your contribution might not be instantaneous but at least, you might want to suggest some specific topics, some links or websites, some movies to report on...

I could even hide your identity if you wanted to remain anonymous! 


  1. Jean Rollin's movies. A so underrated film director !

  2. Martin, don't forget that I'm an English teacher & so, what we study has to be related to English.

    But thank you for this reference, anyway.

  3. Speedcubing (it's universal !)