Friday, 4 January 2013

Street material...

Jerm IX, Anti-Hate, Vancouver

Banksy, 'If Graffiti Changed Anything', London

 Is street art your cup of tea?

Well, it's mine although I'm no expert.

What I particularly enjoy regarding street art is...

... first, its literary quality...

... and tongue-in-cheek messages...

And you'll have to agree with me on this: street art is an excellent way to make people pay attention & process the information on display easily thanks to it's direct visual impact:

Mobstr, Visual Pollution, London

Finally, I admire the artists' imagination & ability to create a world of their own within our everyday environment, taking advantage of its wide surfaces and playing with its imperfections.

Below is a fairy-tale Alice-in-Wonderland type bunny slowly turning into some kind of horrific character worthy of the most Gothic atmosphere and the transformation occurs with the commonest of everyday moves, a door being slowly closed...

ROA, Vienna
ROA, Vienna
ROA, Vienna

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