Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Another student's work!

Remember our training task dealing with Ginger's escape?

Here is Jeryna's work:

Street of Freedom   
00 000 Liberty

Mr. Tweedy

Street of the Coop

00 071 Farm City

Dear everybody,

       I am writing for you a letter to explain the reasons for our escape. 

We can consider the coop as a jail because it is closed and we are exploited. We wanted freedom, we dreamed of it and now we have it!

But we didn't know what to expect, trees ? No farm, no farmer ? We were narrow-minded, skeptical and worried. The reason, the only reason is that we were tired of living like this and there was a chance, one chance to escape! We did not want to end up in the pan. We wanted to live with our families, our friends, and if I may say, until we die.

                                                                                       Good Bye

 Ginger & the other hens

 Ps : The address is wrong so Mr.Tweedy will  never find us :)

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