Friday, 15 February 2013

being a teacher...

... is an extremely busy job filled with lots of different tasks, even more if you are an adventurous teacher such as myself!

So after two days of teacher training in Chalon for the CEC (Cambridge English Certificate), here I am, marking my terminales mock-exams, making sure that my comments are encouraging & will bring some insights on how to manage a written comprehension.

I'm done for today! And to unwind ( = relax), here is my choice of music with top volume on !

Although you may not enjoy this type of music (at all), you must try it on next time you're stressed out or want to bring some fun into your home!

I'm not sure how to define my musical tastes but the different types of music I listen to all bring a specific atmosphere at a specific time of the day:

Classical music to go to work (I need to build up some energy to make it through the day!)

Electronic music on the way home (to get rid of tension & restore some energy)

Old jazz & blues while cooking or baking stuff

Punk music to go for a run (because it gives you some rage & aggressiveness to run further away!)

Occasionally some R'N'B on the dance floor ;) (burns up calories more efficiently)

And rap music on a road trip because you have time to concentrate on the lyrics & fully comprehend the message

Oh, the essential: Incubus when I want to be your age again (it makes me nostalgic)!

What about you?? Do you listen to specific types of music for certain situations? Why?

N.B: Thank you Vincent M*** for telling me about Dub step!


  1. Metal to go to work
    Metal on the way home
    (I can't cook, I'm a man)
    Metal for a run
    Metal on the blood floor
    Metal on a road trip
    Classical music on Saturday morning

    Oh, the essential: Buckethead when I want to be my age again (it makes my brain exploding)!

  2. the blood floor?

    Why classical music only on Saturday mornings?

  3. Because my brain is too foggy for Metal

    Bloodfloor = A dancefloor after a Metal party.