Sunday, 3 February 2013

Lincoln as an inspiration?

Would you consider Abraham Lincoln's career & political involvement in American history as a source of inspiration for your own career prospects?

He was determined & strong-willed, ready to put on a fight against secessionist southern states in 1861 in order to maintain the Union in America. 

He stood up for the abolition of slavery & won the fight from a certain perspective (slavery was abolished in 1864 but a legal segregationist system followed it, preventing millions of emancipated or free Black people from their civil rights: "separate but equal" & the Jim Crow Laws)
He was assassinated shortly after the victory of the North over the South, known as the American civil war (1861-1864).

Here is the trailer for Steven Spielberg's latest film simply entitled Lincoln:

This post may give you some ideas to reflect on for our unit entitled I want a successful career! How can myths & heroes influence people's careers?

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