Thursday, 21 March 2013

Cutting edge ELECTRIC consumer????


This morning, my 1e L/ES came with the result of the quiz "Which brand of consumer are you?", which you can find here.

Some are radical consumers, others are subtle shoppers, one  was a stalwart* buyer & finally, one student was a cutting edge ELECTRIC consumer...

Now the problem is what is "a cutting edge ELECTRIC consumer"????? 

Well, this student sent me an email to inform me that he had misread his profile: 

(It's not electric but eclectic!!!)

Cutting-edge ECLECTIC consumer:

Undercover is your mantra. If more than 50 people know about a brand, it's not worth having. Setting trends is what you do; you work in fashion, film or media. You shop in small boutiques - in Notting Hill, or in retro shops and markets. Ten years ago you would have gone to Ibiza, now it's Reykjavik, Tallinn or Krakow. You're into technology - digital cameras, the latest MP3 players, mini-discs, decks and so on are crucial kit for expressing your creativity. 

It finally makes sense!!

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