Friday, 26 April 2013


Hey there!

I would like to share two of my recent trips abroad with you to give you a glimpse of what it was like...

The first one was in Ireland, in Connemara. It was a school trip & turned out to be simply amazing!

The students were much fun & pretty well-behaved! Here is a pic from the Connemara lake:

This is me in Galway with the statue of Oscar Wilde, a famous Irish writer!

We also visited The Wool & Sheep Center with a very excentric though funny guide! Some students were asked to act as sheep for some shearing demonstration...

The weather was nice so the bus journeys were great opportunities to take a good look at the countryside.

My second trip was a holiday trip in Yorkshire, in England, where I used to live as a teaching assistant & where I have made friends for life! I live in France & this is where I belong but a few years ago, I left a piece of my heart over there in Yorkshire:

 The picture above was taken in the moorland where the Brontës used to live & write (they were famous female writers). It kind of gives you a good idea of what they drew their inspiration from ...

This one above is one of my friends'guest room. Don't you think it's lovely? It is right at the top of a windy hill, really picturesque!

There was also a short stop in London on the way up to Yorkshire...

A nice stroll along the canal between Camden Market & Little Venice:

Now, I'm back home & life is slightly different although it feels nice resting in the comfort of a cosy home:

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