Tuesday, 2 April 2013

We the people!

As part of our unit entitled We the People! (Is the voice of the people growing in influence?), my terminals had to come up with an interesting cause to petition the White House (https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/). 

But first, we analysed this report from ABCnews:


Here is one of my student's work:

Le Creusot must become the 51st state
of the United States of America

France is not good enough for our big town of Le Creusot ! We need to be emancipated from this country which is getting worse & worse. The United States of America is the welcoming and powerful country that we want to integrate. 
Le Creusot would become a really important overseas state. 

Here, there is no poverty, no conflict and everybody is glad to live in a beautiful place. In fact, it is the most touristic, the most interesting and the wealthiest French city. If you allow us to be a part of your country, we could spy on the French government : in Le Creusot, we have a lot information dealing with the President's secrets and hidden actions, trust us.
We speak English perfectly, as you can see, and we respect the American customs. We received many film shootings and I am sure that we can become the New Hollywood in few years ! It is obvious !
So, we petition the Obama administration to help us join you because it would really be an advantage for both of us !
Today, we are the American ambassador in France !

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