Monday, 20 May 2013

Don't worry... happy!

Although when you are about to take exams, it is not such an easy task!

If you don't mind my sharing my personal experience with you, here are a few pieces of advice to take it easy & succeed:

On the evening before the day of the exam

-  Do some sport (a little run, a fitness session, some biking etc). This will make you tired & you will manage a good night's sleep.

- For dinner, have some pasta, rice or couscous (this will help you to sleep & the energy will be slowly released into your body overnight)

- Before going to bed, go over your notes ONE LAST TIME (your brain will stock all the information in order overnight)

On the day of the exam

- Try some breathing exercises (breathe in & out deeply; close your eyes & smile)

- DO NOT go over your notes again, you might get confused & mix all the information

- Bring some healthy snacks such as dried fruits, bananas, chocolate & a bottle of water (especially if it is a speaking exam: your mouth might get dry because of stress)

- Put on some nice comfy clothes that make you proud of your appearance (you are likelier to succeed if you have good self-esteem because you will look more confident)

- Don't forget some pens, your ID & your notification + A WATCH (no phone)

Here is a very interesting blog that focuses on tips to take an exam stresslessly & pass it easily!

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